SOciété Française des HYgiénistes du Travail
Affiliée à l'IOHA (International Occupationnal Hygiene Association)


TREXMO (Translation of Exposure Models) is a recently developed peer-reviewed web-based tool that aimed to facilitate exposure assessment and chemicals registrations for authorities (e.g. SECO) and industry. The tool includes six commonly used models, i.e. ART, Stoffenmanager, ECETOC TRA v3, MEASE and EMKG-EXPO-TOOL and EASE. Excluding EASE, the models in TREXMO are recommended under the EU’s REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and restriction of CHemicals) legislation. The tool is also applicable in Switzerland since the Swiss chemical regulations are conceptualized to be similar to those in EU. 
The exposure models in TREXMO are connected with semi-automatic translations. These translations are aimed to guide the downstream users (e.g. registrants) to a more reliable use of the exposure models. With TREXMO, the users should thus benefit from less uncertain and safer exposure and risk assessment.